Fundraising Toolkit

While we offer some fundraising tips below, Movember put together some awesome tips specifically for the COVID era. 

Check them out!

The Moustache Miler is a family-friendly running event that takes place in November to support the Movember Foundation, a charity started in 2003 to raise funds for research to find a cure for Testicular and Prostate Cancers, as well as bring awareness around men’s mental health and suicide prevention.

We know fundraising can be intimidating and may seem overwhelming.  To help, we've created this toolkit with tips and guidance to get you on your way to meeting your goal.

Getting Started

1.  Set up your Fundraising Page. Make it personal. Include a photo and let people know why you're Moving for Movember. You can use our default messaging if you'd prefer, or incorporate the info in your own way. 

2.  Be the first to donate!  Inspire others by making the first donation yourself.  Donating shows potential donors you are serious about the cause.  

Making the Asks

1.  Make a list!  Consider family, friends, work colleagues, neighbors, and kids' connections that might be interested in supporting you.

2.  Ask!  Whether by email or social media, make sure to include the following in your written asks:

  • What you're doing and why Movember is important to you.

  • Tell about the Movember Foundation & MoMiler.

  • Ask for a donation.  Don't be afraid to make it specific ($25, 50, etc).

  • Include a link to your Fundraising Page!

  • Thank them for their consideration.

3. Provide Opportunity.  Add a fundraising link in your email signature, set out a donation jar and flyer on your desk/counter at work, hold your own fundraising event (bake sale, game night, etc), issue challenges (last year's Largest Fundraiser allowed the largest donor by November 1st to dictate his moustache style for the month).  Be creative and make it fun!

Follow Up

1. Say Thank You!  Personally thank everyone who donates to your fundraising page.  And go the extra mile and tag them in social media thank you posts.  You can also take the opportunity to update your circle on where you are at in your fundraising goals.

2. Keep People Updated!  Are you aiming for a PB?  Are you running your first mile or 5km?  Are you getting in shape and training for the race?  Keep people updated on your progress.  And share inspiring stories and articles you find that highlight Movember and men's health.

3. Finish Strong!  Let people know how you did, in the race and with fundraising.  It's a great opportunity to wrap up the month and thank your circle again for their support.